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Made To Last

In a world where fast fashion has become so prevalent, inexpensive and trendy bras are poorly manufactured in return for a quick release. As a result, they are worn a few times, then replaced once they break down. These bras are ultimately disposed of, contributing to the problem of accumulating clothing waste in landfills.

We ensure our bras are made to last, whether as an everyday T-shirt bra or a nursing go-to bra. Our extensive development process ranges from fabric sourcing to color testing to thorough washing to boost durability. This meticulous approach translates into high-quality garments that can withstand everyday wear, so they can be enjoyed by women for longer periods of time, therefore reducing the waste and helping our environment.



We Put Our Product Through The Paces

As a new mom about to embark on life with a newborn, it’s important that your nursing bra is reliable for the entire duration of pregnancy and breastfeeding your baby. Let’s be real, your nursing bra will be the most worn garment in your wardrobe so we’ve taken the around-the-clock wear experience into consideration by putting our bras and their components through multiple performance tests – in fact, up to 50 tests are considered – to ensure our nursing bras will last as long as your breastfeeding journey.

Just to name some of the tests we do:

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® • Pilling • Color fastness • Fiber analysis  • Stretchability



We hold our products to globally recognized standards, testing along every step of product development to ensure our garments are compliant to the strictest criteria and auditing our production to ensure product standards are maintained. We work with multiple partners across the world to enforce this, regardless of where the garments are destined.

Some of the partners that we work with:




Safe for Breastfeeding

This certification is our guarantee that our products are safe from harmful chemicals, so moms can have full confidence while nursing. How do we know? Every single product gets verified by an independent laboratory as free from harmful levels of more than 300 substances. This covers every element of the garment, from the fabric and straps down to the very threads that hold them all together.



Our Spin Cycle Is Always On

We’ve set a goal to put each of our nursing bras through 52 washes. That might seem like a lot, but we estimate that at one wash cycle a week for an entire year should nicely cover the length of your journey and then some. We just really, really want your bra to be there for you, because we’ve heard many moms admit they still wear them beyond their nursing days.



Listen For The Double-Click

Most nursing bras have some form of nursing clips, but what’s special about ours is the security that comes from the double-click that you can actually hear when attaching the clip. Featuring our signature “B” embossed on a raised circle, our B-clips ensure that the bra cups are truly fastened in, undoing only when you want them to and easily with one hand.

Fun fact: each B-clip has been tested and can hold up to 25lbs!