Reduced Carbon Footprint

Our goal towards reducing our carbon footprint is being achieved through the following steps our brand is actively taking:

Reducing our carbon footprint:

Using recycled materials wherever possible in our products and our packaging

Using virtual technology to revamp our development process to minimize the number of unsellable samples that are made and air shipped back and forth between factories and head office.

Using more energy efficient transportation methods, minimizing aircraft use for employee travel and product distribution

Working with our vendors to better understand the CO2 emissions in the production of our products

Minimizing the number of returns by implementing more sizing tools on our website to help ensure you get the sizing assistance you need.

Supporting our employee efforts to reduce their carbon footprint by encouraging remote work and reduced business air travel

Authenticity and transparency are two very important words when it comes to speaking about sustainability.

For further documentation pertaining to the traceability or any questions relating to the fabrication or production practices of our products, please send a request to