7 Things Your Birth Bag Is Missing

We want to ensure you’re as comfortable as can be for your big day. When it comes to starting your new journey into Motherhood, it’s important that you look after your own needs along with your baby’s. You can prepare for this by packing your essentials in an easy-carry birth bag, like our Hospital Tote, which has ample room and convenient access. Here are 7 things your hospital bag is missing:

A hospital bag with essentials for the big day

1. Receiving blanket

As your newborn adapts to the world outside of your belly, keep them wrapped them in a soft blanket so they’re warm and cozy. These versatile baby blankets are made with cotton and modal and can be used as a blanket, nursing cover-up, burp cloth or changing mat

2. Comfortable pants

Your body goes through a lot of physical changes after delivery, and wearing comfy bottoms give you the flexibility you need to approach Motherhood. Look for soft fabrics, stretchy waistbands, and relaxed fits, like in these joggers, to make it easier for you to focus on your recovery and care for your baby.

3. Nursing bras

As you adjust to the around-the-clock feedings, it’s important that you get support from high-quality nursing bras. To start, look for ones with soft and stretchy fabrics, easy-to-use nursing clips and full drop-down cups, which help to make your breastfeeding journey more comfortable and manageable. Here are some of our go-to maternity and nursing bra styles:

4. Nursing pads

Breastfeeding can get a little messy in the beginning and using nursing pads will keep things dry and comfortable for you. Remember to pack a couple of these reliable sidekicks to your nursing bras, so you can confidently approach breastfeeding without worrying about leaks.


5. Tops for nursing

After birth, you’ll spend a lot of time cuddling and feeding your newborn. The versatile design of this wrap top allows you to transition from style to function easily by untying the sash for breastfeeding and important skin-to-skin contact. With this top, you can feel cozy while creating a connection with your little one.

6. Breast pump

If you have a breast pump, bringing it with you to the hospital can be helpful as a lactation nurse or consultant can check your flange size and get you comfortable with using one. It can also be beneficial in keeping your supply up while you get in the groove of breastfeeding.

7. Phone charger with an extra long cable

Of course, you’ll need your phone charged to capture all the special moments and update your friends and family. Make sure to bring a long cable with your phone charger to keep your phone within reach, as the outlets in the hospital may not be in ideal locations.