Sustainably Sourced

Our mission was simple. Make breastfeeding even more sustainable — without sacrificing on quality or comfort.

Our team researched countless suppliers to source low-impact materials that are kinder to the planet, while still giving you the same comfort, softness and performance you expect from our products. We then put our sustainable bras to the test.

The results? 80% of moms found the sustainable version to be either as good or better compared to our original best-selling styles.

Here’s what we are working towards:

  • 100% of our core nursing styles are now made with sustainable materials
  • 100% of new nursing and everyday styles areᅠmade with sustainable materials

These are some of the sustainable fabrics we are working with across our products and why we chose them:

Sustainable Seamless

Nylon is an essential yarn for us, used in all our most loved seamless bras and camis.Wherever possible, we aim to replace virgin nylon with recycled nylon without compromising performance, comfort or fit. Recycled nylon is created with virgin waste materials from yarn manufacturing. The virgin waste material is collected prior to consumer purchase, which means nylon waste gets diverted from the waste stream during the manufacturing process. As well, the use of recycled nylon helps to reduce crude oil consumption and conserve natural resources.

Conscious Cotton

Roughly half of our assortment is made with cotton, and our cotton-modal blend itself is comprised of 49% cotton. With our switch to organic cotton, we now eliminate the use of dangerous pesticides, protecting the environment and yourself from harmful chemicals.

It is also better for the farmers’ lives and enables them to grow other crops for food and income. Organic cotton ultimately uses less water, which helps to preserve a scarce and precious resource for the future.

Meaningful Modal

Everyone loves modal for its ultra softness, and it plays an important role in our cotton-modal collection. In our cotton-modal fabric blend, we’ve introduced TENCEL™ Modal. TENCEL™ Modal fibers have botanic origins, mainly manufactured and sourced from sustainable beech wood forests in Austria and neighboring countries. Beech wood forests are a natural and renewable source of raw material. The results are long-lasting, naturally soft, quality fibers that are biodegradable and compostable; thus, they can fully revert back to nature. TENCEL™ is a trademark of Lenzing AG.

Practical Packaging

FSC icon

While our nursing products underwent a transformation to sustainable yarns, so did all of our packaging. Every bra is now enclosed in its own box or bag, leaving us with a 1:1 ratio of discarded materials. For all of our sustainably sourced products, we’ve converted our packaging inserts and hang tags to FSC® Certified Paper, which means we’re using paper that’s been harvested responsibly from well-managed forests. Our boxes are recyclable, and we also began using polybags that are made from 100% recycled plastic. On top of this, our printing is done using water-based ink that’s free from toxic chemicals and gentle on the environment. These changes were critical to complete the whole package, however we will never be done. We will continue to explore more options for packaging that are both good for the environment and maintain the integrity of the product.